For quite a while I was considering to let the hilarity continue that we have a website online that is supposed to be a photo blog...without actually having a blog on it. And we are just a couple of months short of hitting the one year launch anniversary, too.

But during the weekend I had some time to kill, so I finally sat down to actually implement the code that enables us to do what we have been planning for a long time. And so this post hopefully marks the start of something that is a lot of fun for us and maybe occasionally makes you smile.

What's Going To Happen

There are quite a lot of ideas flying around between Tristan and me regarding the actual content we could put into this blog. I don't want to tease too many things, because who knows, if they ever will become reality. But let me at least give you an idea about the most likely ones:

  • Photo Battles
    This is the idea that originally inspired the whole Brofolio thing. The basic gist is that we pick a topic (either by picking one or by one of us challenging the other). Then we both try to take the best picture we can for this topic and compare the results in a blog post.

  • Knowledge Sharing
    We both spend quite a lot of time developing our photos (i.e. digital editing). If we encounter an aha moment, why not write a little summary and share it here?

  • Travel Stories
    I take most of my photos while I'm traveling. Depending on my mood I sometimes even blog about it. For this blog I would focus mostly on the photos, of course.

So, as you can see, there are a lot of opportunities and now we just have to get started. :)

Kickstarting the Blog

During the last year, both of us have been out and about. As this shiny new blog looks pretty empty right now, we might use the dismal Winter days to write up some of these experiences and breathe some life into this website.

So, we invite you to come visit again soon. Also, you can follow our Twitter account @BrofolioPhotos, where we will do our best to announce new blog posts.