Dresden is a place that has been close to my heart pretty much since we originally moved there. Even now that I'm no longer living there, it is still what my mind brings up when I think of "home". During last year's Christmas holidays I took quite a few photos in and around Dresden.

Surprisingly enough I got some really nice shots out of it, considering the fact that it was winter and therefore quite bare and colorless all around. This lends itself beautifully to black & white photography, of course. I am especially happy with several of the motifs I shot in the famous city center, of which until then I had barely any photos worth mentioning.

Dresden is really just ridiculously photogenic. You can find interesting things to aim your camera at pretty much everywhere you go. The city itself, of course, with famous sites like the Frauenkirche or the Canaletto view. But then there are also the meadows along the Elbe river and the beautiful landscape all around, especially Saxon Switzerland.

Here are my highlights from the Christmas holidays:

  • Frauenkirche Dresden (first two images)
    The most famous church of Dresden (destroyed during World War II and then rebuilt) is probably the most iconic landmark in the city. With the ensemble of the re-imagined Neumarkt around it is very much the heart of the city and a great photo motif, although fairly difficult to shoot without a wide angle lens.

  • Schönfelder Upland (third image)
    When you move upwards from the Elbe river towards the North-East you enter the "highlands", where the city quickly makes way for rolling hills, farmland and winding roads. I love this place for its serenity and beautiful rural, panoramic views.

  • Pillnitz (fourth image)
    This lovely little gem in the East of Dresden is technically a city district. But it still retains a lot of the charme of the standalone village it used to be. Its vineyards and the famous palace gardens invite you to stroll around and let your mind wander.

So, if you haven't been there yet, I can highly recommend adding Dresden to your todo list. :)